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What is a random forest?

So why is random forest important?

Code journey continues with Python

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1.Challenge: [Beginner] Definition check for three Situation

def check_situation(situation1, situation2)…

We continue the Python Code Challenges where we left off

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1.Challenge: [Beginner] Make a sorted list


Continue coding with Python at the weekends

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1.Challenge: [Beginner] Show odd and even numbers in a loop in a separate column


Training Weekends with Python Exercises

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Learn to get appropriate answers to questions for complex texts thanks to the pre-trained model ( )

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BERT in Numbers

We continue to focus on Time Series Analysis. We will estimate the fertility rate for 2021 in Germany by all methods.

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  • Simple Average Method
  • Moving Averages
  • Exponential smoothing
  • Trend Analysis
  • Seasonal Fluctuations and Proportioning Method in Trend

1) Simple Average Method

Creating machines as predictors with time series and a specific database

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With Python — TensorFlow we can use facilitating paddings for sentence fragmentation and analysis in NLP stages. So how?

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Understanding and applying compositions in a short time

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Why Composition?

Kurt F.

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