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We examine recursion functions and examples that can be used efficiently

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Recursion functions are functions that reuse themselves. Its general goal is to be able to solve problems that are difficult and likely to take a long time more easily. Writing code as a recursive function is actually not too complicated. However, it is an important task of an IT professional to examine this tool closer to know where to use it.

Why Is It Important?

For those dealing with coding in general, the tasks to be automated should be performed in the best way possible. Simplicity and clarity can meet the best expectations at this stage. …

Isn’t it time to meet CatBoost?

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1. Introduction


‘Category’ and ‘Boost’. Here is ‘CatBoost’. CatBoost is an algorithm for increasing gradients in decision trees. CatBoost, which came into existence thanks to Yandex engineers; recommendation systems are used in a wide range of areas such as personal assistants, driverless cars, weather prediction. And the good news: It is open source and available to everyone.

What does it do?

Catboost builds symmetrical trees. In this way, it catches a high estimate rate without setting up very deep trees. Here, it is necessary to understand the above part, i.e. “gradient enhancement in decision trees”.

Decision trees are a simple diagram in which we show the statistical probability for an action. Each branch in the decision tree represents a possible decision, effect, or result. Final results can be observed in the bottom parts where these branches end. …

What does it mean to read characters in Python?

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In Python, even if we have important information such as arrays, lists, sets that we need to know in terms of data types, we are not considered sufficient in terms of coding. Because coding skills need more functional competencies to rise up the ramp in a better way. And sometimes they really are in the details.

One of the methods that exist in Python strings is encode (). In addition, it can be said that the files also have an ‘encoding’ parameter. …

Add additional functionality to one or more functions

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As we dive deeper into Python, we see many interesting features. One of them is decorators. As it is known, the ability to use many features exactly when we need them takes us forward. So let’s take a closer look at decorators in this article.

1. What are Decorators?

Python has a concept called decorator that allows you to take advantage of the extra functionality quickly. Decorators are structures in Python that allow the use of other functions included in a function separately. This makes it easier to add additional functionality to one or more functions.

When we want to use a simple function more functionally, we encounter two kinds of…

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It is important to understand polymorphism when we want to use the same methods in different classes

1. What is Polymorphism?

Polymorphism allows working with multiple data types in the same interface in computer science. Thanks to polymorphism, it is functional to work with different objects, to better explain their unique side in terms of features. This can be thanks to a function that applies to all subclasses mentioned. The picture below will be useful to understand a little more.

What has changed for Angela Merkel after Covid-19? To find out, we are now focusing on the developments in December on Twitter (after December 2)

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Angela Merkel has been recently on the agenda more than ever before in the world press. During the pandemic process, it may not be interesting that she was on the agenda much like many politicians were severely criticized. However, there are other reasons that make the German chancellor privileged. For example, as you can see in the news on the link, in many countries are described as “the strongest leader in the world.”

In addition, there are positive opinions such as that she manages the corona process well, ensures that all people benefit from social state opportunities and contributes to vaccine development activities. …

Twitter sentiment analysis with natural language processing — a tutorial for doing tasks fast

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Social media analysis with NLP is getting more and more attention nowadays. There is a significant increase in the number of articles on NLP in 2020. And many investors still rely on new generation models enough to spend serious money on these analyzes. NLP responds well to expectations with data sets taken from twitter APIs to meet this demand in the industry. (Creating a dataset with TwitterAPI will not be the subject of this article)

The importance of TensorFlow, Keras and PyTorch for a new job position

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Undoubtedly, machine learning engineering is among the changing lines of business today. While it is being introduced as the profession of the future, on the other hand, it is expressed that systems that facilitate machine learning will not make them as necessary in the long run.

So what is the truth?

Even as job descriptions change, building teams willing to learn is still important for today’s companies. The more active learning technology companies can support this operational power, the easier it will be for it to survive in the future.

Whether you call it ML Engineering or Data Scientist for Machine Learning, programming knowledge is still not the only criterion for job postings. The need for qualified staff who can classify them as measurement, prediction, presentation, analysis and solution and contribute to the rapid implementation of new generation technologies has not yet been filled. …

Fiction the game in which cup with the ball with Python

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It is useful in many areas for Python users. It maintains its prestige by reaching a wider audience thanks to its understandable and easy-to-read code structure. In this way, Python training has become an important focus today. And certainly there is a lot more to understand it easier now.

Now, coming to the topic of this article, quick tutorials can bring a level. And especially as far as functions are concerned, we know that perhaps most people can have a basic knowledge fast without getting too tired. However, from this point on, the details start to get boring. You will always need practical projects to learn in depth. …

Generators review and understanding in Python

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In this post, I want to discuss a tool that many people in Python haven’t heard of when they are at beginner level: “Generators”

So why is it learned later?

Thanks to people who say require advanced competencies, learning of this is delayed or never comes to turn.

This is exactly why the main topic of this post will be around it and we will aim to make it easier to really understand.

Before I begin, I need to mention that it would be ideal to have a elementary knowledge of basic python data structures and functions in order to better understand what is in this post.

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